How to Avoid Delamination When Edging Laminated Glass

How to Avoid Delamination When Edging Laminated Glass


Some laminated glass manufacturers may face the problem: when they edging the laminated glass with Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film, the laminated glass delaminate at edges.

How to avoid this problem?

Reasons and Solutions:

1.Do not edging the laminated glass until the laminated glasses have been cooled for 24 hours after pulled out from the EVA GLASS LAMINATING OVEN.

2.When edging, SOME heat will be created in the edges, which will do harm to the EVA FILM adhesion, so please use more water to cool the heat when edging the laminated glass.

3.Please edging slowly and tenderly.

4.If the EVA FILM interlayer you use is not good quality, then the adhesive between the EVA Film and glass surface may be weak, then it’s easy to delaminate when edging.

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