Green masking tape is a high-temperature tape used for high-temperature masking spray protection. It adopts polyester film as base material, and it is coated with silicone glue on this substrate. It is mainly used for heat insulation and electronic product insulation protection, PCB gold plating protection, high temperature spraying Paint masking protection, as well as other cover protection; the same applies to other chemical resistance and high temperature requirements require the use of the occasion.

1. High temperature masking protection up to 220°C
2. Flexible PET film which stands heat, chemical and abrasion resistant
3. Handyfor application
4. Silicone adhesive can stick to hard to attach surfaces
5. Polyester tape with liner version available for die cutting purpose
6. No adhesive residue after high temperature masking

PET film backing with a silicone adhesive, designed to perform in difficult masking operation such as various phases of production or masking of surfaces during application of durable powder coatings.