Colored-Translucent EVA Film for Decorative Laminated Glass

Colored-Translucent EVA Film for Decorative Laminated Glass

Colored-Translucent EVA Film
Code Thickness*Width*Length
Deep Red
Lemon Yellow
Blue CNC38CL-B
Deep-green CNC38CL-DG
Grass-green CNC38CL-GG
Purple CNC38CL-PU


CNC Colored Films are often used to laminated with PET dorsal membrane, Painting paper (PP, PVC), and fabric etc.; More than 18 colors are available for our customer to produce NEW CONCEPT Decorative Laminated Glass of great artistic sense, which mainly implied in High-end Hotel, Museum Show Window , Bathroom Sliding Door, etc.

External Super-Clear EVA Interlayer Film for Outdoor Architectural Safety Laminated Glass


External Super-Clear EVA Interlayer Film for Outdoor Architectural Safety Laminated Glass


Poduct Description
Thickness*Width* Length(mm*mm*M)
Super-Transparent EVA Filmfor Outdoor Architectural Safety Laminated Glass CNC-76A
Super-Transparent EVA Filmfor Outdoor Architectural Safety Laminated Glass CNC-38A


-Display cases


-Banking facilities

-Solar control requirements

-Glass floors

-Sound control

-Entrance doors

-Furniture and home decoration

-hotel hall

-Office decoration

-Commercial and residential glazing

-Safety glazing

#Technical Parameters of Super-Transparent EVA Film


Property Items Super-Transparent EVA FILM
Tensile Strength ≥ 25MPa
Elongation ≥ 900.9%
Adhesive Strength ≥ 9.0kN/m
High Temperature Resistance Qualified
Moisture Resistance Qualified
Impact Resistance Against Shot-Bag Qualified
Radiation Resistance Qualified
Ball Impact Peeling Resistance Qualified
Visible Light Transmission Rate 91.20%
Haze ≤ 0.5%
Ultraviolet Radiation Blocking Rate 99.34%
Weather Resistance 20 Years

#Feature and Benefits of Laminated Glass with EVA Film:

1. Safety Shatterproof

If the laminated glass with EVA FILM or PVB FILMis broken in earthquakes, blast or by other impact, theinterlayer film (PVB FILM or EVA FILM)prevents the glass from disintegrating and keeps the glass intact, preventing injuries from broken glass.

2. Safety Barrier against Penetration

Laminated glass with EVA FILM or PVB FILM acts as barrier against penetration better than a metal shutter, and keeps the room safe from objects blown by a strong storm, such as a typhoon.

3. Intruder Resistant

Laminated glass with EVA FILM or PVB FILM provides longer resistance to forced entry and makes a loud noise even if the intruder uses edged tools to break in.

4. Noise Control

Laminated glass with EVA FILM or PVB FILM has excellent effects on reducing noise of various frequency ranges, including the unpleasant noise around 2500Hz frequency range, which is barely reduced with a single sheet of glass.



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