【Projection Glass Film】: you can project ads, videos onto the glass, change a normal glass into a magic glass, a screen

CNC-Projection Glass Film

Want to cast an image or video on transparent glass via projector?
What you need is putting a Projection Glass Film onto the glass surface.
Then, the transparent glass can become an smart screen that you can play Ads, video, image, etc.

Specifications :
Color: Transparent, Gray, Double Gray, White, Double White
Width: 1524mm (60”)
Length: 1 roll = 15 meters (Minimum Order)
Haze: 33%
Thickness: 100µm
UV-Fading Protection % : 0.20%
Visible-Natural Daylight %: 70%
SHGC-Heating &
Cooling cost %: 0.6
Viewing Angle: 165°
Hardness: 3H

The Smart Projection Glass Film can be pasted directly on the glass surface with adhesive or laminated to the glass with EVA Film or PVB Film.
Multiple pieces of film can be joined on glass to create large format displays.

Projection Glass Film Sample

Projection Glass Film Application