Characteristics of Switchable Film (PDLC FILM, Magic Film, Smart Film)

Characteristics of Switchable Film (PDLC FILM, Magic Film, Smart Film)

pincible of the privacy glass

+ The translucent state of switchable film

The switchable film is composed by two transparent conductive film laminating with a polymer liquid core. And the polymer liquid core composes crystal ball and polymer. When the light pass through the PDLC FILM and reach the liquid crystal ball and polymer, the light is scattering. And the switchable film appears translucent.

+ The transparent state of switchable film

When electricity power is connected, the polymer-liquid crystal core is allowing light pass through, the switchable film appear transparent.

+ Haze of switchable film

To identify the switchable film quality, haze (the opposite is transparence ) is the key parameter to describe the switchable film. When the power is on, the switchable film should be as transparent as possible , when the power is off, the switchable film should be more haze.

+ View range of the switchable film

If the scattering is more, the view range is wide, the switchable film appears more haze.

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The Composition Smart Piracy Magic Screen Glass

The Composition Smart Piracy Magic Screen Glass

composition  of Making Smart Switchable Glass with EVA Interlayer Film

1] Two outside layers of float glass

2] Two layers of laminating adhesive film inside the glasses, can be Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film or Polyvinyl Butyric PVB Interlayer Film

3]Magic Screen Film, also named as PDLC (Polymer dispersed liquid crystal devices)FILM, Switchable Film, Privacy FILM, Smart Glass Film in the center


+EVA Interlayer film

+Switchable Privacy Film

+EVA Interlayer film


Common Size of Switchable Privacy Film

Note that the following data is for reference, please confirm with your suppliers.

Max size (Flexible to a maximum size): 980mm*3000mm/1200mm*3000mm

Glass Thickness:5mm+1.14mm+5mm/6mm+1.14mm+6mm/8mm+1.14mm+8mm

Color: Milky white

Protector: US Dow Corning Glass sealant.

Operating environment: -20℃~+60℃

Storage environment: -20℃+60℃ Life-span: more than 10 years

Quality guarantee: 1 year

Electrical characteristic

Operating Voltage :> 50VAC&<110VAC

Frequency range: 50~60HZ

Amperage: 100mA per square meter (for 110V)

Power consumption: about 7W per square meter (for 110V)

Switching speed: less than 1 second

From frosted to clear: 100 milliseconds

From clear to frosted: 400 milliseconds

Optical Characteristics

Operation mode: Transparent (power on)/Opaque (power off)

Parallel light transmittance: 75±3 %( ON) / 10±% (OFF)

Sunlight Transmittance: 80±1 %( ON) / 60±1% (OFF)

Haze: 2±1 %( ON)/80±3% (OFF)

UV Blocking: more than 98%

Visible Angle: 130°

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Item Test Item Test Condition Result
1 Switching on(1s) off (1s) Qualified
1 Switching 110VAC 3Mil.switch Qualified
2 High Temperature 70℃/14 days Qualified
3 High Temperature High Humidity 50℃,98%humidity /14days Qualified
4 Low Temperature -20℃/14days Qualified
5 Weathering KS L2004(LAMI) Qualified
6 Heat Resistance KS L2004 (LAMI) Qualified