The Composition Smart Piracy Magic Screen Glass

The Composition Smart Piracy Magic Screen Glass

composition  of Making Smart Switchable Glass with EVA Interlayer Film

1] Two outside layers of float glass

2] Two layers of laminating adhesive film inside the glasses, can be Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film or Polyvinyl Butyric PVB Interlayer Film

3]Magic Screen Film, also named as PDLC (Polymer dispersed liquid crystal devices)FILM, Switchable Film, Privacy FILM, Smart Glass Film in the center


+EVA Interlayer film

+Switchable Privacy Film

+EVA Interlayer film


Common Size of Switchable Privacy Film

Note that the following data is for reference, please confirm with your suppliers.

Max size (Flexible to a maximum size): 980mm*3000mm/1200mm*3000mm

Glass Thickness:5mm+1.14mm+5mm/6mm+1.14mm+6mm/8mm+1.14mm+8mm

Color: Milky white

Protector: US Dow Corning Glass sealant.

Operating environment: -20℃~+60℃

Storage environment: -20℃+60℃ Life-span: more than 10 years

Quality guarantee: 1 year

Electrical characteristic

Operating Voltage :> 50VAC&<110VAC

Frequency range: 50~60HZ

Amperage: 100mA per square meter (for 110V)

Power consumption: about 7W per square meter (for 110V)

Switching speed: less than 1 second

From frosted to clear: 100 milliseconds

From clear to frosted: 400 milliseconds

Optical Characteristics

Operation mode: Transparent (power on)/Opaque (power off)

Parallel light transmittance: 75±3 %( ON) / 10±% (OFF)

Sunlight Transmittance: 80±1 %( ON) / 60±1% (OFF)

Haze: 2±1 %( ON)/80±3% (OFF)

UV Blocking: more than 98%

Visible Angle: 130°



Item Test Item Test Condition Result
1 Switching on(1s) off (1s) Qualified
1 Switching 110VAC 3Mil.switch Qualified
2 High Temperature 70℃/14 days Qualified
3 High Temperature High Humidity 50℃,98%humidity /14days Qualified
4 Low Temperature -20℃/14days Qualified
5 Weathering KS L2004(LAMI) Qualified
6 Heat Resistance KS L2004 (LAMI) Qualified