Unusual broken of EVA Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine

Unusual broken of EVA Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine

Unusual broken Reason solution

⑴Some part of film do not dissolve of the finished laminated glass

heating not average, circle wind is not big enough, blower wire connect wrong

①change the blower wire
②adjust the blower
③delay the high temperature keeping time

⑵there are air bladder on the surface of the finished laminated glass

①4 corner did not stick steady. ①stick 4 corners well
②Silica gel has hole ②amend the hole
③Vacuum pipe did not connect well ③check the vacuum pipe
④vacuum indicator do not reach the low point ④change the oil of the vacuum pump
Glass not flat enough Use other kind of glass

⑶There are air bladder on the edge of the glass

Lower temperature timing too short, open the silicone vacuum bag too early

Delay lowing temperature time, glass surface must reach 40℃-50℃ then stop the machine and take out
⑷Machine start switch get to stop from time to time Machine get wet or there is water in it Air-dry it
⑸cannot process as setting program ①the electricity wire loose ①connect the wire well
②temperature and timing indicator broken ②Adjust the temperature indicator and calculagraph
Heating the machine too slow Heating elements broken Adjust the current indicator, change the heating element