Attentions for Edging Laminated Glass With EVA Film

Attentions for Edging Laminated Glass With EVA Film
1. Don’t edge the laminated glass until the laminated glass with EVA Film has been cooled for 24 hours. Because if you edging too early may cause the delamination in the edges of EVA laminated glass.

2. It’s better if you can edging the glasses before laminating with EVA Film, then you don’t have to edge the EVA laminated glass after heating.

3. If you laminated with some decorative interlayer inside the glass, and the decorative interlayer is easy to absorb water, then you should edging the glasses before processing laminating with EVA Film. Because if you have to edge after heating, the decorative interlayer may absorb water and lead to the delamination.

4. Please use the gentle  grinding wheel to edge the EVA laminated glass.

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