Is the Evaforce Super+ is it Super Clear ?

And the above MOQ 3 rolls too ?
Usually available in stock for Super+ , Extreme and Low-Temp 80-120 ?
Usually available in stock for Super+ , Extreme
But not for Low-Temp 80-120(this will be new production when order is made)

Your below lead time all based on stock available ?
For stock available and most of times new production too.
If no stock the how about production time + shipment time ?
Most of time is the same, the new produciton is very fast, but some special moments, requires about 10 days.

SGP Cleaning

Does anyone have advice or an efficient method to cleaning SGP once it comes out of the autoclave? Besides heat guns and razor blades, what are the best tools to clean this material?

No, at the moment, we don’t find any better method.